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Our new BA in Liberal Arts combines the expertise of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences to provide a unique multi-disciplinary programme at central London’s only campus-based university.

This programme combines an innovative and research-driven curriculum grounded within the distinct, established areas of academic specialisation and excellence found within the constituent schools of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The programme provides distinct tracks or ‘majors’ that facilitate greater flexibility in module choice and a broader basis than in degrees in single or joint subjects, alongside the development of an intellectual and disciplinary focus as you progress through your degree. You will benefit from engaging with a range of subjects from different disciplinary perspectives, including the study of a foreign language during your first year (whether as a beginner or building on existing competence). As well as practical language study, you will work on related aspects of literature, culture, history, society and linguistics.

The three themes include:

  1. Language and Culture. This area involves the continued study of a modern language in each year. As a compulsory part of the programme for all students taking this major or minor, you spend a year abroad, in a country or countries where the language you are studying is spoken – you can study at a university, or take up a work placement (opportunities vary).
  2. Global Cultures. This area spans comparative cultural and intercultural studies, as well as area studies of specific regions and nations from all over the world, both contemporary and historical.
  3. Interactions: Societies and Cities. This area takes in social science and ideological and critical approaches to human activity, together with metropolitan studies including modules in which you can use London as a resource for exploring contemporary issues, from a range of disciplines.
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International students can apply for our Liberal Arts BA with an Integrated Foundation Year. The foundation year, taught on campus by Queen Mary lecturers, prepares you for the rest of the programme and can be started in either September or January.