What can we do for you

We provide advice and help to gain admission into universities around the globe. We only work with universities where the language of teaching is English. Educom is dedicated to help you find the right University, College or School for you to continue your studies. We will endeavour to make the process simple and successful

You are about to make one of the most important decision in your life by choosing a study programme that will have the greatest impact on the shape of your future career. You are also making a decision on an investment in time and money that needs to be carefully planned and well-chosen to maximise benefit and ensure success. Our advice and support become extremely valuable in helping you make the right decision and protecting you from disappointment and potential failure. With over 25 years’ experience providing educational services, you can have the piece of mind and assurance that your choice is right.

Educom can help you :

Identify your career goals and objectives

Draw a study programme to achieve your targets

Choose the course that fits into your career plans

Help you arrange suitable accommodation

Apply to colleges and universities and get you offers

Choose final destination according to your preference of location and course

Provide you with the necessary support help you meet the conditions in your offer

Prepare your documents for visa application to ensure successful outcome

Identify the courses that suit your academic background and strengths

Provide pre-departure briefing

Educom education consultants will look at your education profile and help you find the best UK institution that suits your background and academic achievements. We may suggest more than one institution and help you apply to them. When offers arrive, we will advise you on choosing the best one. If there are conditions attached to your offer, for example conditions to obtain certain level of English qualifications, we will help you plan and provide you support in achieving these conditions.

Let us help you realise your potential