International Relations – BA


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Explore the key themes and challenges of international relations, from the Cold War to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This programme covers the broad themes and theories associated with the study of international relations, such as the state system, development, security, conflict and globalisation.

You’ll be taught by world-class academics with distinctive expertise in their fields of research, including British, French, European, American, Latin American, African and Middle Eastern politics. You’ll study international relations through the lens of both historical and contemporary examples, from the 1870s ‘Scramble for Africa’ through to the Cold War, the origins of the War on Terror, the global financial crisis and the coronavirus pandemic, and learn how to apply theories to reflect on their relevance.

You’ll be introduced to political concepts, theories, ideologies and analysis in your first year. As you progress in your studies you’ll choose from a wide range of module options, covering national and global issues.

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