German and Linguistics – BA


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Combine in-depth study of German language and culture with learning how language itself works.

Studying German at Queen Mary involves intensive engagement with the language, in conjunction with learning about the cultures and histories of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You’ll develop a high level of linguistic competence, together with analytical skills and an understanding of intercultural issues. No prior knowledge of German is required.

Linguistics is the study of human language. You’ll be looking at questions like: how did language develop? How is it able to create infinite new meanings? How is it learned? How is it represented in the brain? How do people use it? How does it change over time?

You could find yourself recording dialect speakers, working out the rules of an endangered language or learning how to write down a sneeze.

You’ll spend your third year abroad, an exceptional opportunity to develop your language skills through immersion and boost your intercultural competence.

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Careers - Fluency in German is an advantage on the job market, whether in the UK, in Europe or internationally. Studying linguistics will give you a highly desirable collection of skills: analytical ability, research skills, precision and numeracy. A knowledge of linguistics is also particularly useful for teaching languages. Some graduates apply their degree knowledge directly, entering careers such as interpreting and teaching. Others transfer skills gained during study into the arts, finance, business or IT. Recent graduates who combined a modern language with linguistics have been hired by: Embassy Language School the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust London School of Economics Tanzania Education and Skills Trust Teach First.