French and Politics – BA


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Develop high-level French language skills and gain insight into the workings of today’s increasingly globalised world.

This four-year degree programme is jointly taught by the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film and the School of Politics and International Relations, and combines two different, but often complementary, areas of interest.

You’ll divide your time equally between the two subjects, with the flexibility to tailor your degree with a wide choice of modules. You’ll gain an excellent grounding in French language and culture, taking core modules in written and spoken French. You’ll also learn to engage with political theories, ideas and ideologies, governments and institutions, and comparative politics.

Studying French will give you an appreciation of the global diversity of the French-speaking world. You’ll learn about metropolitan France, its role on the world stage, and the variations of French spoken in Canada, Belgium and North Africa. You’ll spend your third year studying or working in a French-speaking country, immersing yourself in its rich language, culture, politics and history.

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Careers - French and Politics graduates are highly employable, with invaluable political knowledge and research, analytical and communication skills that open doors to a huge variety of roles. They move into domestic and international careers in government, translating, policy research, education, journalism, media, marketing and business. As French is an official, procedural and major working language of the EU, knowledge of French gives our graduates an additional advantage in European job markets. Recent French, Politics and International Relations graduates have been hired by: British Council House of Commons Labour Party PwC Scodie Deyong UK Home Office.