Film Studies – BA


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Develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the history, theory and practice of film.

Our Film Studies degree is an opportunity to study the history and theory of the cinema, while also learning the technical and practical aspects of film production. Film Studies fosters an understanding of visual aesthetics and may lead you into areas of study as diverse as history, politics, philosophy, technology and performance.

In your first year you’ll pick up a solid foundation in cinema history, film language and critical concepts, as well as having an opportunity to write a script and make a short film.

For your second and third years you can choose from a wide range of modules, tailoring your studies to your interests and needs. You’ll select a mix of theoretical and practical module options, from the philosophy and history of film to analysis of British, Indian and American cinema, as well as hands-on experience of producing, writing, directing and editing films in a number of styles and genres.

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TESTIMONIAL At the time, I was looking to expand my understanding of cinema not only technically, but also through areas such as philosophy, history, psychology and politics. This program permanently altered my approach to film, teaching me how to understand the cinema’s complex visual language. It also made my own practice more meaningful by teaching me how to express my vision more effectively and clearly. Xenia Leblanc, Film Studies (2012)