Film Studies and Hispanic Studies – BA


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Develop your passion for film while exploring Hispanic languages and culture in depth. 

Our Film Studies and Hispanic Studies degree allows you to pursue an understanding of film within the context of a wider knowledge of Hispanic language and culture. No prior knowledge of Spanish is needed.

Film Studies fosters an understanding of visual aesthetics and leads students into areas of study as diverse as history, politics, philosophy, technology and performance. You’ll study the history and theory of cinema and have the opportunity to write your own film script.

From the regions of Spain to the diverse countries of Latin America, Hispanic Studies covers the history, politics, sport, literature and film of several nations. As the world’s second most widely spoken language, Spanish is an important tool for intercultural communication. You can also choose to learn Portuguese or Catalan.

You’ll spend your third year studying or working abroad in Spain or Latin America, immersing yourself in the language and culture of your destination.

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Careers Film Studies and Hispanic Studies students graduate with a broad range of skills that can take them through to successful careers. Some apply their degree knowledge directly, entering careers such as interpreting, teaching and production whilst others have transferred their skills into areas such as marketing. Recent graduates have been hired by: Bloomberg Enigma Film Equinox Film and TV Production Ltd Heineken UK Mildmay International Sony.