Film Studies and French – BA


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Develop your passion for film while exploring French language and culture in depth.

Our exciting Film Studies and French BA combines two different – and complementary – areas of interest. You’ll divide your time equally between the two subjects.

Studying French at Queen Mary means appreciating the diversity of the French-speaking world. You’ll learn not only about metropolitan France, but also about French as a global language, France’s role on the world stage, and the culture and thought of groups who have historically been silenced or excluded, such as women, the working class and ethnic minorities.

Film Studies fosters an understanding of visual aesthetics and leads students into areas of study as diverse as history, politics, philosophy, technology and performance. You’ll study the history and theory of cinema across a broad range of modules and have the opportunity to write your own film script.

You’ll spend your third year abroad, an exceptional opportunity to develop your language skills through immersion and boost your intercultural competence.

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Careers Film Studies and French students graduate with a broad range of skills that can take them through to successful careers. Knowledge of French gives a distinct advantage on the job market, whether in the UK, Europe or internationally. This, coupled with opportunities for extra-curricular activities and work experience prepares graduates for the world of work. Some apply their degree knowledge directly, entering careers such as editing, dubbing and teaching, whilst others have transferred their skills into a wide range of areas. Recent graduates have been hired by: British Council Bloomberg ESI International Hall & Partners Mano Sony.