English Language and Linguistics – BA


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Study in depth how the English language works, how it’s used and how it changes.

Our BA in English Language and Linguistics will develop your analytical skills and give you a deep knowledge of language, alongside the opportunity to undertake hands-on work collecting and analysing data. You’ll come away with a firm understanding of how modern English is structured, how we use it, and the ways in which it changes, varies and evolves to suit our needs.

The programme explores diverse aspects of English linguistics – from youth slang and dialects in our multicultural and multilingual cities, to the English used in media and politics. It considers how new technologies are shaping English and whether the spread of English in the world is changing, or even killing, other languages.

You’ll also master qualitative and quantitative social sciences research methods, and put them into practice for your final year dissertation.

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TESTIMONIAL My degree offered me the opportunity to study a wide range of modules within the school, which has helped me to prepare for life after my graduation. Nimi Patel, English Language and Linguistics (2017)