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Take your love of literature to new heights, studying the English-speaking world’s most influential and inspiring writing.

Our exciting BA English programme will teach you how to read and interpret texts from a wide range of periods, places and genres, and to understand them in their historical, political and cultural contexts.

You’ll gain a grounding in the critical and theoretical approaches that have shaped English literature in recent years. Our teaching takes an interdisciplinary approach: you’ll discover how philosophy, psychology and other disciplines can enrich our understanding of literary works.

Based in the heart of London, the English department has a world-class reputation and an impressive range of expertise and choice of modules. From medieval epics and Renaissance literary culture to cutting-edge contemporary fiction and everything in between, there are opportunities to personalise your English degree and study the topics that most interest you.

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TESTIMONIAL I did Black Writing in Britain, which again was very eye-opening. I remember in second year, being conflicted with the reality that there’s a lot we should know about literature, about history, about heritage, that is just not taught until you get to university. How many people from my community went to university? A lot of my friends from school didn’t and my heart broke for them because our English classes would have meant so much more to them if these stories were included in the curriculum. Ama Badu, English (2019)