Economics and Politics – BSc


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Examine the big issues facing the UK and the world from two different – and complementary – perspectives. 

The study of economics leads naturally to questions about the policies of governments. Our Economics and Politics degree explores both topics in equal depth and is especially suited to anyone with an interest in public policy and government decision-making.

During the first two years you’ll cover macroeconomics and microeconomics, and learn to apply quantitative techniques. Final-year options apply this core knowledge to more specialised areas such as labour, industrial and health economics, technology and innovation, and business cycles.

With a wide choice of politics modules, you can study the specific contexts of different countries – or take a broader view with themes such as globalisation, racism and political violence.

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TESTIMONIAL Doing Economics and Politics has allowed me to do two subjects I am really interested in. I like the diversity of topics within both subjects and the styles of learning are very different. I find it most interesting when the two topics overlap, for example using economic theory to describe political ideologies such as communism. It allows you to draw ideas from another area and adapt it. Tom Ireland, Economics and Politics (2014)