Economics and Finance – BSc


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Global finance and its role in the world has never been so complex – or so exciting.

Recent world events have shown the importance of understanding financial decision-making, risk management and the behaviour of financial markets. And economics is rarely out of the news, from interest rates and house prices to the job market and global trade.

Our Economics and Finance degree is firmly rooted in the real world. You’ll study the ways in which people and businesses respond to incentives, and the production and allocation of resources.

During the first two years you’ll cover macroeconomics and microeconomics, and learn to apply quantitative techniques to investigate relationships between economic variables. You’ll also study financial topics such as financial accounting, capital markets and international finance.

With a wide choice of modules in the final year, you can direct your studies to your interests or career aims, from corporate strategy to behavioural economics.

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Professional recognition Students graduating from this degree can register for the Investment Management Certificate exam, gaining an additional professional qualification highly sought after in the finance and banking industry.