Foundation programmes offer a well-established alternative route to the standard A-Levels and IB qualifications for entry to UK universities. Students can access over 90% of UK university bachelor degrees. They are particularly popular with international students coming to study in the UK.

Advantages of Foundation Programmes

Shorter being
1-year compared to the 2-year
A-Levels and IB programmes

Assessment is done internally at the centres, so students do not sit national exams

Continuous assessments therefore no surprises at the end of the course

More favourable entry grades conditions than the standard
A-Levels and IB

Who should consider doing a Foundation Programme?

International students with grade 12 school leaving certificate

A-Level or IB student half way through his or her course who is not confident of getting the grades required by the university

Any student who fell short of the required grades to join university

IGCSE or equivalent grade 11 student who happens to be over the average age and in whose case the foundation programme saves time to avoid joining university well above the normal age of 18

Where can I do a Foundation programme?

There are mainly 2 choices of where to do a foundation programme:


  1. Get familiar with the university and city where you are likely to do your bachelor degree
  2. Smooth progression to the university where you are doing the foundation programme


  1. Little support to apply to other universities if things didn’t go well
  2. Little or no flexibility in changing the university course
  3. Teaching not always equivalent to A-Levels and IB with great emphasis on language and study skills rather than on academic strength


  1. Freedom of choice to go to any university hence potentially achieving higher ranking university
  2. Better support to apply to other universities
  3. Flexibility to change your mind on the university major after starting the foundation programme
  4. Teachers with more experience at school level education therefore a learning outcome more equivalent to A-Level and IB
  5. More personalised academic support


  1. May not be recognised by the university the student is planning to join

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