Cultural History – BA


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Explore historical periods and topics through the lens of art, film and literature.

This degree programme offers an inspiring opportunity to study cultural history from the Middle Ages through to the modern day – incorporating art, architecture, artefacts, material culture, literature, film and media.

Tailor your degree and choose from a diverse and wide-ranging offering of modules, from gender in medieval Islam and the development of New York as a cosmopolitan city. Delve into medieval London through its pubs, plague-pits and monuments. Study Japanese film or the Golden Age of Hollywood, or examine the history of video games, from Pac-Man to Pokémon.

You’ll also have access to the full range of cultural, social, political and intellectual history modules offered by the School of History, taught by our internationally-renowned staff. You can take this degree with a year abroad, immersing yourself in a different culture and society.

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Careers This degree will be particularly helpful if you wish to work in the heritage and creative industries. Graduates from the School of History are highly employable in many sectors and commonly enter roles in publishing, journalism, policy, consumer and social research, management consulting and the Civil Service – making use of skills gained from studying history, including verbal and written communication, research, critical analysis and attention to detail. Recent graduates from the School of History have been hired by: Bank of England Croud Marketing Deutsche Bank Gillamor Stephens J.P. Morgan LexisNexis.